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Whether you're just getting started in real estate or you're a seasoned professional looking to grow! This book will show you step-by-step how to implement strategies that are proven to grow your real estate business.

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Enjoy the same benefits of the hardcover book through audio. Get the same tactics and methods that come with the hardcover book when purchasing the audiobook. Listen to the book and implement its strategies at your convenience.

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Digital Workbook

The digital workbook is a great add-on to the book or the audiobook. The workbook includes the same methods but extended tactics, strategies, sales scripts, listing presentations, checklists, documents, spreadsheets, and more.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Learn the Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs and Top-Producing Real Estate Professionals to Start the Domination Process with the Right Mindset.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Excel in Your Business and Increase Your Productivity by Using Leverage so You Can Invest in the Low-Effort and High-Impact Activities While Delegating the Rest.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Understand the Significant Elements of Value and How They Build Your Core Business Model Driven by Your Personal Brand.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Tap into Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Trending Technologies to Build an Unstoppable Momentum with a Massive Database and a Scalable System.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Create Multiple Online Traffic Sources to Generate Consistent Quality Leads and Real Estate Sales Resulting in Higher Revenues.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Master the Five Steps to Generate Exponential Revenues with Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Conversion, and Lead Monetization.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Utilize EDDM, PR, Phone Prospecting, Push Notifications, Mobile Apps, Beacons, Chat Applications, and Social Media, Including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google to Monetize Your Real Estate Business.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Learn How to Genuinely Use Emotional and Intellectual Intelligence, as well as Pattern Interrupt to Perfect Your Negotiation and Sales Scripts with Sellers, Buyers, FSBOs, and Expireds.

Dominate Real Estate Features

Access to bullet-proof listing presentation components and characteristics guaranteed to change your perspective about selling real estate from the Packet to the CMA report and every stage of the selling process.

This is just ten out of a hundred other benefits. Get the book to maximize your benefits and dominate your real estate market.


Grow your business, dominate, and become the #1 top-producing real estate agent in your marketplace. A Master Plan to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business with Actionable Sales and Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals.

The Dominate Real Estate book is a practical step-by-step guide to help real estate professionals nationwide find wealth and happiness. The author, James Tyler, focuses on overcoming the challenges of business development, marketing, and sales to help build a profitable and scalable real estate business and eventually, an enjoyable lifestyle. 

Dominate Real Estate comes with 75 Conceptual Methods and 150 Sales and Marketing Tactics to follow along with each chapter.

Here are a few testimonials and reviews from real estate influencers, brokers, and agents just like you.

Video Testimonial By Karen Briscoe.

While you can buy each product separately, you get the most value when you purchase the digital workbook along with the book or the audiobook.

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Paperback Book


  • 15 Chapters
  • 126 Tactics
  • 73 Methods
  • Lifetime Updates
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  • 15 Chapters
  • 126 Tactics
  • 73 Methods
  • Lifetime Updates
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Digital Workbook


  • 10 Strategies
  • 26 Documents
  • 38 Spreadsheets
  • 1 Listing Presentation

To have a chance at success in any business, including your real estate career, you must master three critical departments: business development, marketing, and sales. Further, agents must take control and run their real estate business like an enterprise. You are not just a real estate salesperson or a broker; you are the CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, CIO, and the Chief Everything Officer. This audiobook will position you to be the hustler entrepreneur and the closer of every opportunity.


Dominate Real Estate Book

Paperback book 6x9 in

  • Thirteen chapters filled with business development, marketing, and sales strategies
  • The Latest real estate success sales and marketing tools and technologies.
  • Clear & concise roadmap to success
  • Learn how to implement actionable tactics and strategies
  • Build a predictable real estate business and much, much more!

Dominate Real Estate Audiobook

Audible & iTunes

  • Thirteen chapters filled with business development, marketing, and sales strategies
  • The Latest real estate success sales and marketing tools and technologies.
  • Clear & concise roadmap to success
  • Learn how to implement actionable tactics and strategies
  • Build a predictable real estate business and much, much more!

Dominate Real Estate Digital Workbook

Shared Through Google Drive

  • 80+ Google Documents and Spreadsheets ready to use.
  • Ten different real estate marketing strategies proven to grow your business.
  • Buyers and Sellers Checklists and Forms.
  • Buyers, Sellers, FSBOs, and Expireds Sales Scripts.
  • Handling Objections Scripts.
  • Listing Presentation Template.
  • and much more

Book Chapters


Checkmate to Dominate


Dominate Real Estate

Chapter 1

Become a Legacy Leader

Chapter 2

Articulate Desires into Tangible Goals

Chapter 3

Discover Your Core Values

Chapter 4

Elevate the Power of "You"

Chapter 5

Speak Your Message with Influential Content

Chapter 6

Sharpen Your Axe

Chapter 7

Build Massive Momentum

Chapter 8

Plant More Seeds

Chapter 9

Generate High-Quality Leads

Chapter 10

Nurture Meaningful Relationships

Chapter 11

Create Promising Opportunities

Chapter 12

Seal the Deal


What Happens Next?

Covered Topics

Here's a high-level overview of the topics covered in the Dominate Real Estate (DRE) book:

  • Mindset
  • Goal Setting and Execution
  • Personal Branding
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Growing Massive Databases
  • Traffic Sources and Online Advertising
  • Lead Conversion, Nurturing, and Monetization
  • Listing Presentations
  • Growing a Real Estate Business
  • Productivity
  • Accountability
  • Storytelling
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Offline, Online, and Social Media Farming
  • Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Modern Technologies
  • Networks and Databases
  • Prospecting, Following Up, Following Back, and Following Through
  • Buyer Consultations
  • Leadership and the Traits of Legacy Leaders
  • Business Foundation
  • Real Estate Business Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Sphere of Influence, CRM, and MAP
  • Pixels, Tracking, Remarketing, and Reporting
  • Offline and Online Lead Generation
  • Buying, Selling and Handling Objections Scripts


Your Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real! By not buying the Dominate Real Estate book and the digital workbook, you are not implementing most of the essentials that will help you break down barriers to achieve massive success and dominate your real estate market!

Here are some of the benefits you will gain by getting the workbook and implementing the tactics in this book:

  1. Become the #1 real estate agent in your market, closing over 100 transactions a year.
  2. Learn the traits, work ethics, methods, and techniques employed by top real estate professionals.
  3. Build a real estate business that fits your desired lifestyle, and that gives you real flexibility and freedom.
  4. Track the right key performance indicators to measure accomplishments and establish success intelligently.
  5. Discover your unique values to create demand and build a reliable real estate brand.
  6. Master the art of storytelling. Connect with your audience and convert more strangers to customers.
  7. Minimize advertising costs by using content marketing to reach new customers far and wide.
  8. Take control of your business leveraging time, tribes, and the latest tools and technologies.
  9. Build massive databases and an enormous momentum by benefiting from the power of big data and predictive analytics.
  10. Use data to become a relatable and pertinent real estate advisor.
  11. Stop the madness of knocking on strangers' doors and master the online and social media real estate farming.
  12. Attract buyers and sellers and boost sales through direct outreach and personal engagements.
  13. Leverage offline, online, and social media channels to make your first touch and connect with potential clients.
  14. Become omnipresent to generate high-quality leads consistently.
  15. Implement three traffic sources for a steady flow of quality leads.
  16. Build meaningful relationships to convert hot leads to opportunities.
  17. Follow step-by-step instructions on how to apply the best sales practices and cutting-edge technologies to close more deals.
  18. Use remarketing to promote yourself, your listings, and boost your real estate marketing to achieve success.
  1. Learn the tricks and psychology behind successful real estate prospecting.
  2. Practice your sales and overcoming objections scripts for buyers, sellers, FSBOs, and Expireds.
  3. Follow up, follow back, and follow through to build a sustainable business with a consistent income stream regardless of what the real estate market is doing!
  4. Learn the lead negotiating and monetization tactics to seal every real estate deal.
  5. Deliver listing presentations from a whole new perspective where clients view you and your marketing plan as a successful strategy for selling their house.
  6. Become the best marketer and negotiator for your clients.
  7. Become the mentor and the advisor for your sellers, buyers, FSBOs, and Expireds.
  8. Become more effective using market knowledge, big data, and intelligent technologies to convert opportunities to loyal clients.
  9. Discover the sales and marketing techniques that will grow your real estate business exponentially.
  10. Gain more insight from leading-edge methods and tactics to stay on the right path to growth and domination.
  11. Become an entrepreneur and view every relationship as an opportunity to learn, grow, elevate, and scale your real estate firm.
  12. Look at your real estate business from a different lens. Understand the impact of serving rather than taking. Inform, educate, and provide unique values that will rank you a top agent in your community.
  13. Embrace data, technology, and social media to offer tangible benefits and run a successful real estate business.
  14. Build a comprehensive, dynamic, and automated system that comprises of the latest online sales and marketing platforms.
  15. Become a top producing real estate advisor and maintain that success going forward year after year.
  16. Master the skills necessary to make your life better, and enjoy the freedom you were meant to have.

Boost Your Productivity

Close a minimum of ten real estate transactions monthly and consistently within 90-days from executing strategies in this book.

Increase Your Income

Create multiple online traffic sources to generate consistent quality leads and real estate sales, resulting in higher revenue.

Enjoy Unlimited Freedom

Replace yourself with qualified staff and automated technologies to invest less time in your business and enjoy more time with your loved ones.

James Tyler
About the Author

James Tyler

James Tyler, founder, and CEO of Marketing Engines, Inc. is a leading marketing strategist and business consultant for the mortgage and real estate industries. James Tyler began his career after he studied Computer Science at UCLA. He joined Countrywide Home Loans in 2002 and within six months, was ranked one of the top 100 sales producers in the nation. His peers called him "The Lion of Marketing." He then moved into real estate and became a licensed agent in 2006. James closed hundreds of transactions until 2013 when he decided to coach others in the industry and help them succeed.

James mastered the programs necessary to thrive within the financial sector and knew how to exploit his technical knowledge to market products online. Thanks to Zig Ziggler, Anthony Robbins, and Todd Duncan. Their books helped James to sell effectively both in-person and on the phone. He believes that focusing on implementing what you know supported by data, technology, and a professional brand can unlock your potential to long-lasting prosperity.

Technology Resources

Tech systems and platforms James recommends

Check out the technology resources James recommended in the Dominate Real Estate book. Most of these platforms are crucial to the success of your real estate business. They can help you with management, marketing, sales, and accomplishing your goals. Streamline your real estate career, leveraging data and technology.


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Dominate and Become the #1 Top-Producing Agent in Your Marketplace!

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