Dominate Real Estate Workbook

To have a chance at success in any business, including your real estate career, you must master three critical departments: business development, marketing, and sales. Further, agents must take control and run their real estate business like an enterprise. You are not just a real estate salesperson or a broker; you are the CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, CIO, and the Chief Everything Officer. This workbook will position you to be the hustler entrepreneur and the closer of every opportunity.

There are over 80 documents, spreadsheets, and scripts to streamline your real estate business. Everything you need from management to business development, marketing, and real estate sales is available in the digital workbook.

Here’s a complete list of what is included in the Dominate Real Estate Workbook:

The Digital Workbook Table of Contents
1Dominate Real Estate Tactics (Workbook)Workbook documentDocumentPDF Link: All Tactics combined to form the digital workbook. Follow along each chapter and execute all tactics to
2Dominate Real Estate Illustrations (Book)Workbook documentDocumentAll book illustrations by chapter. Created to simplify the DRE methods outline in the book
3Dominate Real Estate Methods (Book)Workbook documentDocumentAll Methods combined. Quick reference to the DRE Methods without having to flip through the book or listen to the audiobook
4Dominate Real Estate Ultimate Checklist (Book)Workbook documentDocumentThe Dominate Real Estate master checklist. Hold yourself accountable and keep track of your execution plan
5Top Real Estate blogs by Blog RankWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetTop real estate blogs rated by BlogRank
6Goal Setting StrategyWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetStrategy: How to set your goals worksheet
7High vs. Low Leverage ActivitiesWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetProductivity
8Execution PlanWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetManagement: Manage all of your projects & tasks
9Persona WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetPersonalize avatars of your ideal clients
10Communication GuaranteeWorkbook documentDocumentListing Presentation
12Marketing Guarantee ProgramWorkbook documentDocumentListing Presentation
13Certified Pre-Owned Home Program (CPOH)Workbook documentDocumentListing Presentation
14Unique Value Proposition WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetWorksheet: Identify and craft your brand values
15Content Strategy WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetStrategy: Create content that will generate clients
16Miscellaneous Email TemplatesWorkbook documentDocumentNurturing Leads
17Email Templates WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetOver 20 email templates that can be used by Realtors
18Canned Email ResponsesWorkbook documentDocumentCanned email templates to convert leads to clients
19Real Estate Sales ScriptsWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetScripts: Buyer, seller, FSBO, and Expired scripts
20Top Of Mind StrategyWorkbook documentDocumentStrategy: Nurturing your database to stay top of mind
21Video Production WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetWorksheet: Strategize your video production
22Brand Assets WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetCraft your marketing and sales brand messages
23Facebook Custom Audience TemplateWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetTemplate: Facebook custom audience database template
24Content Calendar WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetWorksheet: Schedule your content to share on social media
25Customer Relationship Management CRMWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetContact relationship management worksheet
26Technology Login SheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetReference: Login templates to all technologies & platforms
27Contacts Profiling StrategyWorkbook documentDocumentStrategy: Segmenting contacts for database
28In-Network MomentumWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetDatabase of family, friends, and SOI
29Neighborhood Turnover Rate WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetWorksheet: Farm a profitable real estate territory
30Out-Of-Network MomentumWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetDatabase of strangers need to convert into clients
31Momentum Report WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetAccumulate the 6000 contacts one thousand at a time and see the overall process through the conversion funnel
32Email to MMS Reference SheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetSend SMS/MMS from your email inbox
33Business Directory and CategoryWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetThousands of potential business categories to partner with
34EDDM TemplatesWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetTemplates to design Every Door Direct Mail Flyers
35EDDM ChecklistWorkbook documentDocumentChecklist to ensure your EDDM Campaign is complete
36Publicity StrategyWorkbook documentDocumentStrategy: Get featured in the press
37Press Release TemplatesWorkbook documentDocumentPress Release templates to use with media kit in pitching to press
38Press Release Activity TrackerWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetTrack the process of pitching your PR efforts
39Real Estate News and Blog SitesWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetList of top real estate media outlets, news and blog websites
40Media Outlet ContactsWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetMedia contacts at top-tier publications such as WSJ, LAT, NYT...
41Facebook Groups Prospecting & Follow-UpWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetTemplate: Prospecting using Facebook groups template
42Paid Ads PowerhousesWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetList of all Paid Ad Networks
43Lead Generation to Nurturing and Automation StrategyWorkbook documentDocumentStrategy: Lead Generation to Nurturing and Automation Strategy
44Email Planning TemplateWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetPlan your monthly email sends and automation
45Prospecting WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetWorksheet: Track your weekly cold calls and prospecting efforts.
46Multi-Offer Sellers Net SheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetListing Presentation
47Lead Qualification WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetLead Qualification
48Lead Follow-Up WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetManagement: Never miss a lead follow up again
49Sample Follow-Up Plan For New LeadsWorkbook documentDocumentStrategy: Create a follow up plan within your CRM to maximize your prospecting and conversion efforts
50Sellers ChecklistWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetAll sellers transaction checklists including questions to ask sellers at the listing appointment
5110-Step Listing Marketing StrategyWorkbook documentDocument10-Step to Prepare for Your Next Listing Appointment
52Free Staging ConsultationWorkbook documentDocumentListing Presentation
53Buyers Questionnaire FormWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetListing agents have selling agents pre-qualify their buyers before making an offer.
54Homebuyers GuideWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetListing Presentation and Lead Nurturing
552018 Top 250 Individual Real Estate ProfessionalsWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetDomination
56To-Do ListWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetOrganize your To-Do tasks into one list
57YAMM Mail MergeWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetDatabase: Send emails using YAMM with Gmail mail merge
58Paid Ads StrategyWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetCreate and run successful paid advertising strategies for web, social, and mobile
59Addressing Your Real Estate ChallengesWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetUnderstand challenges before addressing them including quick tips and more
60Real Estate Responsibilities ChecklistWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetBrainstorm to-do tasks that you can delegate to a VA or an ISA
61New Seller Lead Intake FormWorkbook documentDocumentShort and quick seller lead intake form
62Brand Storytelling WorksheetWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetWorksheet: Write an effective storyline
63SPAM WordsWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetAvoid using these words in the body of your emails and subject lines!
64GCI CalculatorWorkbook spreadsheetSpreadsheetCalculate your Gross Commission Income (GCI)
65Content Editorial CalendarWorkbook documentDocument10 Steps to Setting Up Your First Editorial Calendar
66Marketing GuaranteeWorkbook documentDocumentPre-Listing Presentation
67The Extensive 75-Point Marketing PlanWorkbook documentDocumentPre-Listing Presentation
68Home Listing and Sale Strategy