Dominate Real Estate Workbook

To have a chance at success in any business, including your real estate career, you must master three critical departments: business development, marketing, and sales. Further, agents must take control and run their real estate business like an enterprise. You are not just a real estate salesperson or a broker; you are the CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, CIO, and the Chief Everything Officer. This workbook will position you to be the hustler entrepreneur and the closer of every opportunity.

There are over 80 documents, spreadsheets, and scripts to streamline your real estate business. Everything you need from management to business development, marketing, and real estate sales is available in the digital workbook.

Here’s a complete list of what is included in the Dominate Real Estate Workbook:

The Digital Workbook Table of Contents
# Title Type Purpose
1 Dominate Real Estate Tactics (Workbook) Workbook documentDocument PDF Link: All Tactics combined to form the digital workbook. Follow along each chapter and execute all tactics to
2 Dominate Real Estate Illustrations (Book) Workbook documentDocument All book illustrations by chapter. Created to simplify the DRE methods outline in the book
3 Dominate Real Estate Methods (Book) Workbook documentDocument All Methods combined. Quick reference to the DRE Methods without having to flip through the book or listen to the audiobook
4 Dominate Real Estate Ultimate Checklist (Book) Workbook documentDocument The Dominate Real Estate master checklist. Hold yourself accountable and keep track of your execution plan
5 Top Real Estate blogs by Blog Rank Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Top real estate blogs rated by BlogRank
6 Goal Setting Strategy Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Strategy: How to set your goals worksheet
7 High vs. Low Leverage Activities Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Productivity
8 Execution Plan Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Management: Manage all of your projects & tasks
9 Persona Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Personalize avatars of your ideal clients
10 Communication Guarantee Workbook documentDocument Listing Presentation
12 Marketing Guarantee Program Workbook documentDocument Listing Presentation
13 Certified Pre-Owned Home Program (CPOH) Workbook documentDocument Listing Presentation
14 Unique Value Proposition Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Worksheet: Identify and craft your brand values
15 Content Strategy Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Strategy: Create content that will generate clients
16 Miscellaneous Email Templates Workbook documentDocument Nurturing Leads
17 Email Templates Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Over 20 email templates that can be used by Realtors
18 Canned Email Responses Workbook documentDocument Canned email templates to convert leads to clients
19 Real Estate Sales Scripts Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Scripts: Buyer, seller, FSBO, and Expired scripts
20 Top Of Mind Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Nurturing your database to stay top of mind
21 Video Production Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Worksheet: Strategize your video production
22 Brand Assets Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Craft your marketing and sales brand messages
23 Facebook Custom Audience Template Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Template: Facebook custom audience database template
24 Content Calendar Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Worksheet: Schedule your content to share on social media
25 Customer Relationship Management CRM Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Contact relationship management worksheet
26 Technology Login Sheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Reference: Login templates to all technologies & platforms
27 Contacts Profiling Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Segmenting contacts for database
28 In-Network Momentum Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Database of family, friends, and SOI
29 Neighborhood Turnover Rate Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Worksheet: Farm a profitable real estate territory
30 Out-Of-Network Momentum Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Database of strangers need to convert into clients
31 Momentum Report Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Accumulate the 6000 contacts one thousand at a time and see the overall process through the conversion funnel
32 Email to MMS Reference Sheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Send SMS/MMS from your email inbox
33 Business Directory and Category Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Thousands of potential business categories to partner with
34 EDDM Templates Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Templates to design Every Door Direct Mail Flyers
35 EDDM Checklist Workbook documentDocument Checklist to ensure your EDDM Campaign is complete
36 Publicity Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Get featured in the press
37 Press Release Templates Workbook documentDocument Press Release templates to use with media kit in pitching to press
38 Press Release Activity Tracker Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Track the process of pitching your PR efforts
39 Real Estate News and Blog Sites Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet List of top real estate media outlets, news and blog websites
40 Media Outlet Contacts Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Media contacts at top-tier publications such as WSJ, LAT, NYT...
41 Facebook Groups Prospecting & Follow-Up Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Template: Prospecting using Facebook groups template
42 Paid Ads Powerhouses Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet List of all Paid Ad Networks
43 Lead Generation to Nurturing and Automation Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Lead Generation to Nurturing and Automation Strategy
44 Email Planning Template Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Plan your monthly email sends and automation
45 Prospecting Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Worksheet: Track your weekly cold calls and prospecting efforts.
46 Multi-Offer Sellers Net Sheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Listing Presentation
47 Lead Qualification Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Lead Qualification
48 Lead Follow-Up Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Management: Never miss a lead follow up again
49 Sample Follow-Up Plan For New Leads Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Create a follow up plan within your CRM to maximize your prospecting and conversion efforts
50 Sellers Checklist Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet All sellers transaction checklists including questions to ask sellers at the listing appointment
51 10-Step Listing Marketing Strategy Workbook documentDocument 10-Step to Prepare for Your Next Listing Appointment
52 Free Staging Consultation Workbook documentDocument Listing Presentation
53 Buyers Questionnaire Form Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Listing agents have selling agents pre-qualify their buyers before making an offer.
54 Homebuyers Guide Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Listing Presentation and Lead Nurturing
55 2018 Top 250 Individual Real Estate Professionals Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Domination
56 To-Do List Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Organize your To-Do tasks into one list
57 YAMM Mail Merge Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Database: Send emails using YAMM with Gmail mail merge
58 Paid Ads Strategy Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Create and run successful paid advertising strategies for web, social, and mobile
59 Addressing Your Real Estate Challenges Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Understand challenges before addressing them including quick tips and more
60 Real Estate Responsibilities Checklist Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Brainstorm to-do tasks that you can delegate to a VA or an ISA
61 New Seller Lead Intake Form Workbook documentDocument Short and quick seller lead intake form
62 Brand Storytelling Worksheet Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Worksheet: Write an effective storyline
63 SPAM Words Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Avoid using these words in the body of your emails and subject lines!
64 GCI Calculator Workbook spreadsheetSpreadsheet Calculate your Gross Commission Income (GCI)
65 Content Editorial Calendar Workbook documentDocument 10 Steps to Setting Up Your First Editorial Calendar
66 Marketing Guarantee Workbook documentDocument Pre-Listing Presentation
67 The Extensive 75-Point Marketing Plan Workbook documentDocument Pre-Listing Presentation
68 Home Listing and Sale Strategy Workbook documentDocument Pre-Listing Presentation
69 CMA Report Tips Workbook documentDocument Pre-Listing Presentation
70 Facebook Ads Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Facebook promotional strategy
71 Instagram Posting Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Instagram promotional strategy
72 Google My Business Posting Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Google My Business promotional strategy
73 Get Buyers Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: How to get home buyer leads
74 Working With Home Buyers Workbook documentDocument The Home Buying Journey
75 Working With Home Sellers Workbook documentDocument The Home Selling Journey
76 Buyer Lead Email Drip Campaigns Workbook documentDocument Set up new buyer email marketing drip campaign
77 Geographic Farming Strategy Workbook documentDocument Lead Generation Geographic Farming Strategy
78 Contacts Hygiene Strategy Workbook documentDocument Strategy: Verify, append, and clean up contacts in database
79 Review Request Strategy Workbook documentDocument Get reviews from family, friends, clients, fans, and advocates
80 Dominate Real Estate Listing Presentation Workbook documentPresentation The Listing Presentation (Template)


Tactic 0.0
YOUR FIRST MOVE: Think of multiple moves ahead to “Checkmate” other agents in your farm!
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Tactic 0.1
YOUR SECOND MOVE: Follow the 7 I’s to The “Checkmate” Method
Learn More


Tactic 0.2
How to Become Agile and to Measure Instantly!
Learn More


Tactic 1.0
Commit to Leadership
Learn More


Tactic 1.1
Be Grateful
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Tactic 1.2
Take Initiative 1.0
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Top real estate producers aren’t smarter than you. They don’t work as hard as you do, but they do things differently. They have functional operating systems in place. They’ve figured out their uniqueness, their values, and the sources for a consistent flow of sales. What works for one real estate agent may not work for everyone else. No one can tell you your secret for success, but in Dominate Real Estate, James shows you the foundation, rules, strategies, methods, tools, techniques, and the technologies to build your success system, which becomes your secret for growth, prosperity, and domination.

Dominate Real Estate (DRE) isn’t your average real estate sales and marketing book. James Tyler has strategically crafted a masterpiece that will forever change the way real estate professionals build and expand their businesses online. This book is an instructional guide to help real estate agents nationwide find prosperity and freedom. The author concentrates on mastering the overwhelming challenges of business development, marketing, and sales to help develop a profitable real estate company and a delightful lifestyle.

This book for you if you have any of these questions:

  • How do I implement online strategies to grow my real estate sales immediately?
  • How can I utilize social media, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and
  • Google, to monetize my real estate business?
  • What are the most effective methods and tactics for lead generation?
  • What are my options if I am new to the real estate business with little to no marketing budget?
  • How do top agents convert leads to customers and referral partners?
  • How do I become the number one agent in my marketplace?

Mr. Tyler has revealed a proven plan that will guide you to becoming one of the leading real estate professionals in your territory. If you haven’t achieved the success you deserve, you need to read this book. Here’s why:

  1. Boost Your Productivity: Close a minimum of ten real estate transactions monthly and consistently within 90-days from executing strategies in this book.
  2. Increase Your Income: Create multiple online traffic sources to generate consistent quality leads and real estate sales, resulting in higher revenue.
  3. Enjoy Unlimited Freedom: Replace yourself with qualified staff and automated technologies to invest less time in your business and enjoy more time with your loved ones.

Moreover, James brings big data and predictive analytics into real estate success by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to predict viable territories. The author introduces innovative ways to farm hot communities instead of the traditional farming method. Combined with real estate market statistics, utilize the power of predictive analytics, big data, and technology to master online and social media farming. Thus, building a robust and scalable real estate business.

James compliments the online farming concept with a creative technique of prefilling your database with people who are likely to buy or sell. While Jim Collins coined the flywheel concept, James Tyler digs even more in-depth into how to create massive momentum for your real estate business. He reveals a creative perspective on how mass and velocity is equivalent to people and speed to build repeatable and extensive networks.

These two concepts make this book unique and original, let alone the hundreds of other success models James shares in this invaluable paper.

“Domination is a process; practice it to master it!”
— James Tyler

Technology Resources

Tech systems and platforms James recommends

Check out the technology resources James recommended in the Dominate Real Estate book. Most of these platforms are crucial to the success of your real estate business. They can help you with management, marketing, sales, and accomplishing your goals. Streamline your real estate career, leveraging data and technology.

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Purchase yours today to dominate your real estate market and become the #1 top producing agent.

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