Dominate Real Estate Paperback Book

Grow your business, dominate, and become the #1 top-producing real estate agent in your marketplace. A Master Plan to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business with Actionable Sales and Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals.

The Dominate Real Estate book is a practical step-by-step guide to help real estate professionals nationwide find wealth and happiness. The author, James Tyler, focuses on overcoming the challenges of business development, marketing, and sales to help build a profitable and scalable real estate business and eventually, an enjoyable lifestyle.

Dominate Real Estate comes with 75 Conceptual Methods and 150 Sales and Marketing Tactics to follow along with each chapter.

Chapter Title Chapter Name Reading Time
Preface 0:02:08 Tactics 0.0 and 0.1 2 Tactics
Introduction 0:18:55 Tactic 0.2 1 Tactic
Chapter 1 Become a Legacy Leader 0:21:18 Tactics 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 3 Tactics
Part II MANAGEMENT 0:00:01
Chapter 2 Articulate Desires Into Tangible Goals 0:30:44 Tactics 2.0 through 2.5 2 Tactics
ART III ART 0:00:01
Chapter 3 Discover Your Core Values 0:41:23 Tactics 3.0 through 3.17 18 Tactics
Chapter 4 Elevate the Power of "YOU" 0:25:33 Tactics 4.0 through 4.6 7 Tactics
Chapter 5 Speak Your Message With Influential Content 0:28:31 Tactics 5.0 through 5.8 9 Tactics
Chapter 6 Sharpen Your Axe 0:52:16 Tactics 6.0 through 6.27 28 Tactics
Chapter 7 Build Massive Momentum 0:50:05 Tactics 7.0 through 7.9 10 Tactics
Chapter 8 Plant More Seeds 0:25:12 Tactics 8.0 through 8.7 8 Tactics
Chapter 9 Generate High-Quality Leads 0:53:38 Tactics 9.8 through 9.13 14 Tactics
Chapter 10 Nurture Meaningful Relationships 0:32:10 Tactics 10.0 through 10.7 8 Tactics
Chapter 11 Create Promising Opportunities 0:52:50 Tactics 11.0 through 11.7 8 Tactics
Chapter 12 Seal the Deal 1:02:00 Tactics 12.0 through 12.6 7 Tactics
Epilogue What Happens Next? 0:13:36 Tactics 13.0 and 13.1 2 Tactics
TOTAL 8:30:23 127 Tactics


Tactic 0.0
YOUR FIRST MOVE: Think of multiple moves ahead to “Checkmate” other agents in your farm!
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Tactic 0.1
YOUR SECOND MOVE: Follow the 7 I’s to The “Checkmate” Method
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Tactic 0.2
How to Become Agile and to Measure Instantly!
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Tactic 1.0
Commit to Leadership
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Tactic 1.1
Be Grateful
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Tactic 1.2
Take Initiative 1.0
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About Dominate Real Estate (DRE)

In his powerful real estate book, Dominate Real Estate, James shares what he’s learned throughout his remarkable technology and real estate career. He argues anyone can systemize business development, marketing, and sales into an integrated growth system. He combines foundational business models into practical tactics that will create the cornerstones secret for radical success. James lays out the most effective ways for real estate professionals and organizations to approach growth challenges and build thriving businesses.

He wrote the Dominate Real Estate book to help real estate professionals develop an excellent understanding of online marketing. One of James’s passions is providing his real estate community with the tools and technologies necessary to act on the limitless opportunities that the digital world has to offer. You will learn what it would take to build a highly lucrative business that will truly stand the test of time. You will embark on various sales and marketing strategies that will develop profitable win-win relationships.

James describes the innovative tools top real estate firms use to bring a continuous flow of business, such as creating a positive work environment, setting tactical and thrilling goals, building an execution plan, measuring performance metrics, discovering the power of personal branding, and the uniqueness of organization’s values and benefits. He shows the influence of personalized content in lead generation and how to leverage data, people, time, tools, and cutting-edge technologies to achieve goals effectively.

James puts heavy emphasis on technology-based tactics such as blogging, social media, and retargeting. Also, he reveals how vital momentum is in growing sales by planting seeds early on in the customer acquisition stages. James then dives into sales psychology. He outlines the elements every real estate agent must use to pursue and nurture leads to convert them to loyal customers. He then walks his readers through plenty of real-life examples of buyers, sellers, FSBO, and Expired listings with ready-to-use sales and objection handler scripts.

Finally, James shows how top agents work with buyers and sellers, with an outline of a successful listing presentation, buyers checklists, marketing tactics, advertising strategies, the art of winning negotiations, and closing more deals.

In his epilogue, James closes with the need to innovate and grow to dominate. While the book brims with innovative ideas for real estate professionals and firms, Dominate Real Estate also offers a clear and straightforward method to dominate your real estate marketplace. With his Ten P’s to Domination, James believes anyone can apply to succeed no matter what they’re seeking to achieve.

Here, from a humble man who has been called “The lion of marketing” (by his peers), it is a rare opportunity to gain proven tactics to grow your real estate business, unlike anything you’ll find in the traditional business press.

Are you ready to reshape your real estate business and dominate your marketplace?

“Knowing your purpose in life and business is vital to finding happiness. Leverage and reflecting on making yourself the number one priority are essential to finding success and freedom.”
—James Tyler

Technology Resources

Tech systems and platforms James recommends

Check out the technology resources James recommended in the Dominate Real Estate book. Most of these platforms are crucial to the success of your real estate business. They can help you with management, marketing, sales, and accomplishing your goals. Streamline your real estate career, leveraging data and technology.

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