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Full Bio

About James Tyler

James has a proven track record for developing successful marketing strategies and sales programs focused on productivity and profitability. He has led many financial organizations as the Vice President of Sales and the Director of Marketing. His marketing, sales, mortgage, and real estate knowledge have given him significant leverage to help financial businesses find traction and growth.

Besides his unique technical talents in graphic design and web development, James received certifications in technologies such as growth hacking and marketing automation. For example, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, and InfusionSoft.

Also, he is a sought author and speaker who presents at conferences for startups, lenders, mortgage companies, and real estate firms. His business strategies and coaching programs have helped hundreds of financial individuals and real estate professionals nationwide find wealth and happiness.

Furthermore, he founded Marketing Engines in 2013. Full-Service web development and digital marketing agency that's serving lenders, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, insurance agents, bookkeepers, and accountants nationwide.

Besides being the author of Dominate Real Estate, and a business strategist at Marketing Engines, James is also a tech entrepreneur. Jan 2017, he began another challenging journey building an advanced software called Cylinder. It is a Real Estate Marketing Automation Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. James wants to predict who is likely to sell and buy so real estate professionals can farm and target hot opportunities. He plans on launching Cylinder in late 2020.

James has a high-energy, confident, and insightful persona. He feels a strong sense of responsibility for helping others succeed. His excitement for innovation and creativity inspires him to stay laser-focused on exponential growth. He loves challenging new projects and taking pride in his commitment, but yet he keeps a very humble personality.

James loves to run, swim, cycle, golf, workout, and hit the slopes every year. He and his wife, Randa, and their daughter, Liana live in Orange County, California.

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Subject Matters

Embrace the era of data, technology, and connectivity to dominate any market within any industry. Pick a topic and enjoy the conversation. James is well versed in the following categories:

  5. SALES

His Mission

Provide reliable growth strategies, executive coaching programs, and robust marketing solutions to financial professionals who strive to enhance peoples’ lives and our communities.

Personal Brand

Marketing Engines: Focused on Digital Marketing

James Tyler is the founder and CEO of Marketing Engines, Inc., a national digital marketing agency providing graphic design, web development, and digital marketing services to large enterprises within the financial industry. Some services include but not limited to SEO, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, social media management, online public relations services, and marketing automation.

Further, James is a national bestselling author of the Dominate Real Estate book. Also, he is the founder of CylinderAI, an artificial intelligence sales, and marketing platform for real estate professionals. Mr. Tyler is a contributing writer for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and VentureBeat. He is a TEDx speaker and frequently appears as an expert commentator on national and international TV and radio.

Dominate Real Estate (DRE): Focused on Real Estate

James Tyler, founder, and CEO of Marketing Engines, Inc. is a leading marketing strategist and business consultant for the mortgage and real estate industries. James Tyler began his career after he studied Software Engineer at UCLA. He joined Countrywide Home Loans in 2002 and within six months he was ranked the #61 sales producer in the nation. His peers called him "The Lion of Marketing."

James mastered the sales and marketing programs necessary to succeed within the financial sector and knew how to exploit his technical knowledge to market products online. Thanks to Zig Ziggler, Anthony Robbins, and Todd Duncan. Their books helped James to sell effectively both in-person and on the phone. He believes that focusing on implementing what you know supported by technology and a professional brand, can unlock your potential to long-lasting success.

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